Doxa Dollar

Doxa Dollar
Doxa Dollar

1 $ =USDx


Fully Decentralised and Assets on chain


Low Network Cost


Runs at the Speed of the ​Internet


Backed up by Cycles and IMF SDR

A Decentralised Digital


To empower people, businesses and communities across the world.

What we solve

Fiat-Collateralized stable coins usually have there assets  centralised which has in the resulted in frequent depegging and in past not being some being not fully backed
Benefits of the Doxa Dollar
USDx Enables the Sending of Money Globally

USDx is a backbone for DeFi apps, used lending and borrowing, yield farming, decentralized exchanges, and other DeFi 

Use as a medium of Computation in the Development of Apps on the Internet computer

Enables financial inclusion to billions of users who would   other wise be unbanked


Backed by IMF’s SDR through Internet Computer utility token called Cycles.Pegged to the Dollar


We are working with a number of industry patners

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